José Antonio Quesada
Finance Corporate Governance
Associate Dean EGADE Business School, Mexico City
Enjoys sharing his vision in the classroom and promotes intellectual discussion on sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate government topics, where he can share his experience in corporate life, in addition to that which would correspond to t

Mr. Quesada has about 33 years of experience in consulting with a focus on strategic projects for financial institutions, placement processes, management of derivatives and corporate governance and best corporate practices. He specializes in works of corporate governance, with emphasis on the measures established in the United States in relation to the code of best corporate practices (CMPC), as well as in placement process in foreign companies' SEC.

At the corporate level, Mr. Quesada has served as a Leading Partner for Customers and Markets, and Financial Services Leader for PwC Mexico. He has also collaborated with the financial sector in the area of Houston (Texas, United States), with Texas Commerce Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), GBM International and Euromex, where he advised companies in the management of derivatives. He also collaborated in the national office of Stamford (Connecticut, United States) in placement projects of foreign companies in the market of capitals in the United States under SEC rules.

He was National President of the Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos en Finanzas, and from 2014 has been President of the Foundation of the same Institute. In addition, he has chaired the Social responsibility Committee of Coparmex, the Subcommittee of Directors on corporate governance of the Business Coordinating Council and has collaborated with Endeavor as the national mentor. He was also President of the Crisef of banks in the IMCP, and is a member of various boards of directors and financial groups, where he participates as Commissioner and Director of public companies and the financial sector.

He has been a contributor to magazines such as Veritas and Normatividad Bancaria, magazine published by the PwC Mexico Library. He is also co-author of the book El comportamiento humano en las finanzas (2009).

In addition to his work as Director of the EGADE Business School of Mexico City and Professor of Finance, he has been Professor in ITAM and the Ibero-American University, as well as visiting professor at Anahuac University in the program of masters of banking and credit in agreement with the University of Cantabria and Banco Santander Central Hispano.

    • MBA
      Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
    • Master in Accounting
      Florida International University and Tecnológico Autónomo de México 
  • Presidente del IMEF, A.C. en 2012
  • Presidente de la Fundacion IMEF, de 2014 a 2016
  • Presidente de la Comision de Responsabilidad Social de Coparmex (2014)
  • Coordinador de la Comision de Educacion de Coparmex (2018)
  1. Global Banking and Financial Policy Review 2015/2016 (Mexican Banking System)
  2. Normatividad Bancaria 2017 (libro publicado desde el año 2009, sobre la normativida bancaria)
  3. El Comportamiento Humano en las Finanzas (Libro de la FIMEF)
  4. Innovacion y Emprendimiento para Potenciar el Desarrollo (Libro FIMEF)