Anabella Dávila
Strategy and Management
"I promote the social role of the HRM area"

The research and teaching work of Professor Anabella Davila has been developed in areas such as work culture, strategic management of human resources, sustainability, and human development. Her work examines social logic ruling the Latin American organizations.

Professor Davila had been professor and guest researcher in several national and international universities, and she is an active member of the Academy of Management and the National System of Researchers of CONACYT, Level II.

Apart from being a full-time teacher of the School, Davila has previously been Director of the Ph.D. Program in Administrative Science and Research Director in EGADE Business School Monterrey. 

    • Ph.D. in Educational Administration
      The Pennsylvania State University
    • MBA
      Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
  • Mención Honorífica: A sustainable view of HRM: Filling the social research gap. CLADEA 2013.
  • Premio Mujer TEC por Investigación. Tecnológico de Monterrey 2013
  • Premio a la Labor Docente y de Investigación de EGADE Business School (2010, 2006 y 2001)
  • Programa Mujeres en la Ciencia del Instituto Estatal de las Mujeres de Nuevo León (2005).
  • Premio BALAS Thunderbird por la mejor investigación empírica (2000).
  • Premio BALAS Sion Raveed por el mejor trabajo de desarrollo teórico (1998)
  • Premio de Investigación en la Universidad de Monterrey (1994).
  • Premio de Investigación en la Universidad de Monterrey (1992).
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