Anabella Dávila
Strategy and Management
"I promote the social role of the field of HRM".

The research and teaching of Dr. Anabella Dávila has evolved in the fields of the culture of work, strategic human resource management, sustainability, and human development. Her work examines the social logic which governs Latin American organizations.

Dr. Dávila has been a professor and guest researcher in several national and international universities and she is an active member of the Academy of Management and the SNI (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores), Level II, CONACYT.

In addition to her full-time teaching role at EGADE, Dr. Dávila has previously been Director of the Ph.D. Program in Administrative Science and Research Director at EGADE Business School Monterrey. 

    • Ph.D. in Educational Administration
      The Pennsylvania State University
    • MBA
      Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
  • Honorable Mention: A sustainable view of HRM: Filling the social research gap. CLADEA 2013.
  • TEC Female Prize for Research. Tecnológico de Monterrey 2013
  • Faculty Teaching and Research Prize, EGADE Business School (2010, 2006 & 2001)
  • Women in Science Program of the Nuevo Leon State Institute (2005).
  • BALAS Thunderbird Prize for the best empirical research (2000).
  • BALAS Sion Raveed Prize for the best theoretical development work (1998)
  • Universidad de Monterrey Research Prize (1992 & 1994).
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