Board of Directors Executive Program

Innovative creation of value within companies is a responsibility of the owners, the board of directors and senior management.
100 hours
On Campus
Monterrey and Mexico City
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Value creation in the company: Corporate Governance

This program at EGADE Business School aims to improve knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of the directors to deal with a global business environment characterized by a high degree of competitive turbulence. The program provides tools, procedures and structures of the highest level for the operation of this important collegiate body, at the time that strengthens specific leadership skills and strategic vision to outline the organization's sustainable growth.


  • Monterrey
  • Guadalajara
  • Mexico City
Expert faculty. Flexible format
Monthly modules of two intensive days, conferences, panels and case discussions, delivered by an international expert faculty and consolidated business leaders with extensive experience in the strategic definition of corporate Boards of Directors.
The solution to institutionalize truly functional Boards of Directors
The program explores in depth the knowledge required for the professionalization of the board of directors and the implementation of corporate best practices.
Formulation of procedures to drive the value creation
In-depth understanding of the activities and responsibilities of the Board of Directors in a globalized, high-competitive business setting.
Building a robust system of corporate governance
Turn the Board into a source of competitive advantage.
Developing strategies for successful succession
The Chairman of the Board and CEO succession plan.
Professionalization of the Board or of the family business
Rethinking the most important features of the equity-holding and independent directors profile.
Awareness of successful cases of Board of Directors transformation
Success stories of boards of directors that have located their companies at the forefront of their industries.
A program designed for those who lead organizational change
Participation in the Board of Directors Executive Program requires a process of admission which will assess the characteristics of the candidate, as well as those of the company, aiming to ensure a unique experience and high value. This program is directed at:
Members of boards of directors
Company owners and managers
12 modules focused on value creation and corporate transformation
Module 1
From family business to corporations
Module 2
Boards of directors that really work
Module 3
Setting a strategic course through scalability
Module 4
Capital budgeting systems and financing mechanisms
Module 5
Corporate performance measurement
Module 6
Executive compensation systems aligned with the company's growth
Module 7
Management and risk control and internal control systems
Module 8
Executive succession processes
Module 9
Ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility
Module 10
Mediation and resolution of conflicts of interest
Module 11
Regulatory framework and tax implications
Module 12
Communication as a risk-control and value-creation tool
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