Global Leaders Graduate from EGADE Business School Mexico City

During the EGADE Business School Mexico City graduation ceremony, a total of 140 students graduating from the master’s,doctoral and specialization programs at EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey took the pledge and obtained their graduate degree certificates. In this way, the new class of graduates from the School concluded a decisive stage in their career track as entrepreneurial leaders, with a sense of humanity and who are internationally competitive. 

Eighty students graduated from the MBA, 23 from the Master of Management, 11 from the Master of Finance, 17 from the Specialization in Energy Management, one from the Master of Marketing, three from the Ph.D. in Administrative Sciences and three from the Ph.D. in Financial Sciences. The graduates comprise a multicultural class not only from several states in Mexico, but also another seven countries: Colombia, Spain, United States, Lebanon, Peru, El Salvador and Venezuela.

During the EGADE Business School Mexico City Graduation Ceremony, held on May 15, the dean of EGADE Business School, Ignacio de la Vega, and the vice president of the Mexico City Region, Rashid Abella Yunes, handed graduation certificates to the 140 students who completed diverse graduate business degrees at the School this academic period. 

The ceremony was presided over by: Juan Pablo Murra Lascurain, dean of the School of Business of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Ignacio de la Vega, dean of EGADE Business School, Rashid Abella Yunes, vice-president of the Mexico City Region Campuses, José Antonio Quesada Palacios, director of EGADE Business School Mexico City, and guest speaker, Eduardo Gutiérrez Gómez, president and general manager of IBM México. Members of the Board of Directors, and EGADE Business School support directors, department directors and faculty members were also present.

In his welcome message, Eduardo Gutiérrez Gómez analyzed the business context that EGADE Business School graduates will face as leaders, a context marked by the vertiginous fourth industrial revolution that is transforming the economy and the labor market. “The business models you will be facing are completely different from those that existed two months, two years or five years ago. And the kind of people needed to deal with this type of market disruption, this type of innovation, is related to discipline and an awareness of engaging in lifelong learning,” he indicated. He also stressed the importance of businesses’ digital reinvention: “Technology isn’t the most important factor, but understanding industry-focused business models is indispensable.”

After handing out the diplomas, Paulina Segarra Silva, a graduate from the Ph.D. in Administrative Sciences, gave a speech on behalf of the new graduating class. “During my doctoral research, I was extremely fortunate to meet the hardest working, most generous and honest people I have ever known in my life, people who selflessly shared their stories with me. This was a challenging experience, but it helped me realize how privileged we are to be here, in the best business school in Latin America. It also made me understand the responsibility we have with society to develop more and better jobs, be better leaders, see beyond the profitability of a company and, of course, speak for those who do not have a voice,” she declared. 

Finally, Dean Ignacio de la Vega addressed the graduating students to remind them of their commitment as EGADE Business School alumni in a changing global environment: “I firmly believe that we are in the midst of the greatest process of transformation that humanity has experienced in the past few decades. The so-called fourth industrial revolution is the modern version of the steam engine and is already radically transforming our world through an accelerated convergence of digital, physical and biological technologies and the impact of the way in which the new generations understand the purpose of life.”

“At EGADE Business School, we aim to be protagonists and actors in the change that will renew leaderships in our societies, innovating toward new models that will generate greater equality, development, employment, sustainability, knowledge and innovation. This is the magnitude of our challenge,” he added. 

With this Graduation Ceremony, EGADE Business School revalidates its mission to contribute to the development of leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of humanity and who are internationally competitive.