EGADE Business School’s Leadership in Research Consolidated by SNI Distinctions

Eighteen research professors from the seven Strategic Focus Research Groups (GIEE) in the area of business were distinguished in the 2018 Call for Admission to or Continuance in the National System of Researchers (SNI), the results of which were announced on September 26. 

This recognition by the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) agency ratifies the excellence of EGADE Business School’s researchers and the innovative, relevant nature of  their research, as well as their contribution to advancing scientific research in Mexico and the world.

In the 2018 SNI Call, there were eight new admissions, two level upgrades and eight continuances: 

New admissions:

  • With SNI-I level: Dr. Ezequiel Alejandro Martín Reficco and Dr. María de la Paz Toldos Romero.
  • With Candidate level: Dr. Ana Dolores Franco Valdez, Dr. Elliott Tyler Kruse, Dr. Miguel Ángel López Lomelí, Dr. Michal Szymanski, Dr. María Elena Vázquez Lira and Dr. Marcia Nelly Villasana Campos.

Level upgrades:

  • From SNI-I to SNI-II: Dr. María del Pilar Ester Arroyo López and Dr. Jorge Luis Graciano Vera Martínez.


  • With SNI-III level: Dr. Bryan William Husted Corregan.
  • With SNI-II level: Dr. Raquel Minerva Castaño González and Dr. Anabella del Rosario Dávila Martínez.
  • With SNI-Ilevel: Dr. José Ernesto Amorós Espinosa, Dr. Mauricio Cervantes Zepeda, Dr. Samuel Arturo Mongrut Montalván and Dr. Miguel Angel Montoya Bayardo.
  • With a two-year extension at the Candidate level: Dr. Eduardo Saucedo de la Fuente.

“These new admissions and continuances, which will be effective as of January 2019, strengthen the GIEEs by increasing from 47 to 55 the number of members registered in the National System of Researchers, of whom 20 have been distinguished with the Candidate level, 21 with SNI-I level, 11 with SNI-II level and 3 SNI-III level,” explained Dr. Teofilo Ozuna, Associate Dean of Research at EGADE Business School. 

The quality of research at EGADE Business School is also reflected in its doctoral programs. In the 2018 SNI Call, six graduates from the Ph.D. in Administrative Sciences or the Ph.D. in Financial Sciences were admitted to or obtained continuance in the SNI.

“Congratulations to our faculty and graduates for these achievements that will contribute to their careers as researchers,” Dr. Ozuna said. 

The seven GIEEs from the area of business are Business Analytics, Consumer Behavior and Value Creation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Strategy and Administration of Organizations in Emerging Economies, Finance and Macroeconomics, Social Innovation, and Retail.

In the QS Global MBA Ranking 2019, EGADE Business School was ranked first in Latin America and 78th out of 251 worldwide, with some of its highest scores in “thought leadership”. This indicator takes into consideration the School’s academic reputation based on votes by thousands of academics in 60 countries across the globe, faculty productivity in diverse academic fields, and the proportion of faculty members with a doctorate.