2018 Incluye Prizes Awarded for Social and Work Disability Inclusion

For their commitment to driving social and work inclusion of people with disabilities, 12 companies and organizations were recognized by Movimiento Congruencia with the 2018 Incluye Awards and special mentions for outstanding practices. 

The prize-giving ceremony took place on September 19 at EGADE Business School in Monterrey, within the framework of the association’s Annual Assembly. 

The Incluye Prizes have been awarded since 2012, while EGADE Business School has hosted this event four times. 

This year, EGADE Business School’s MUSE Project, coordinated by Priscilla Madrid, was recognized with a special mention for outstanding practices in the Sensitization and Awareness category. 

EGADE Business School is one of the partner schools of MUSE Project, an initiative jointly financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ program, the objective of which is to improve access, guarantee learning conditions and develop job opportunities for students with disabilities in Latin American IES, through modern inclusion and network practices.

In this seventh edition, the companies and organizations that received the Incluye Prize were: in the category Employment for Disabled People, Grupo Lala; in the category Inclusion in the Value Chain, Tecnológico de Monterrey; in the category Accessibility, Universidad Tecnológica de La Laguna Durango; in the category Sensitization and Awareness, Daimler Buses México; in the category Educational Inclusion, Universidad Tecnológica Linares, and in the category Community Outreach, GST Manufacturas de México.

In addition, the following were distinguished with Special Mentions for Outstanding Practices: in the category Employment for Disabled People, Onest Logistics; in the category Inclusion in the Value Chain, Planetario Alfa/Dialogue in the Dark Monterrey; in the category Accesibility, Izzi Telecom; in the category Sensitization and Awareness, MUSE Project, EGADE Business School; in the category Community Outreach, Fundación Inclúyeme; and in the category Educational Inclusion, Universidad Anáhuac México.

When welcoming attendees to the Annual Assembly of Movimiento Congruencia, José Manuel Maraboto Quepons, Director of the Master in Business Management of EGADE Business School, acknowledged the value of social and work inclusion for organizations.  

“We cannot consider that we are transforming as a society when, according to the ILO, there are approximately one billion disabled people, in other words, 15% of the global population. Even though around 80 of them are of working age, their right to decent employment is all too frequently denied. 

“This implies, on the international level, that about 3 to 7 per cent of the GDP is not produced, precisely because of the failure to give people with disabilities the opportunity to form part of the labor market. This offers a real opportunity not only to have a positive impact on society, but also to generate greater productivity,” Maraboto Quepons said. 

During the event,  Movimiento Congruencia presented its 2016-2018 work report through the outgoing chairman of the Board of Directors, José Gerardo Cantú González, Director of Human Capital at Xignux. 

In addition, the new Board of Directors was sworn in for the 2018-2020 period, and the incoming Chairman of the Board, Fernando Méndez Elizondo, Vice-president of Human Resources at Cemex México, offered a message. 

Finally, Movimiento Congruencia welcomed Autozone, Osram, Praxair, Mars Wrigley and Enerquim as the latest affiliated companies in its initiative. 

EGADE Business School is an allied institution of Movimiento Congruencia, and together they offer the Diploma Course +Talent, which trains companies to design disability work inclusion projects.